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10x10 - 'ART OF WORDS' (canvas print)
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11x14 - BIRDZ (L.E. canvas Giclee)
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18x24 - ANGEL (L.E. stretched canvas)
18x24 - BIRDZ (L.E. stretched canvas)
20x20 - ART OF WORDS (stretched canvas)
20x30 - BIRDZ (L.E. stretched canvas)
8x10 - BIRDZ (print w/mat)
8x10 - SACRED WHISPERS - print w/mat
8x21 - BIRDZ (L.E. canvas Giclee)
9 x 30 - BIRDZ (stretched canvas)
9x24 - BIRDZ (paper print)
9x30 ANGELS -(L.E. stretched canvas)

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"My new series - 'U-BIRDZ' is a whimsical bird's eye view...of the real YOU."




'PEACE I' - (art of words)

'PEACE III' - (art of words)

'PEACE IV' - (art of words)

' all begins with a word.'
(art of words)



About Silent Echoes

Welcome to 'SILENT ECHOES', the home of artists' -TINA LOUISE- and -RICHARD LORENZ.  Tina, author and photographer from Cloutierville Louisiana, has created a unique collection of 'angel' images of statuary from around the U.S.  Along with her inspirational writings, these images have reached the hearts of many throughout the years. "On our many travels to exhibits and juried fine art shows around the country, it has been our privilege to discover some of the most inspiring angel statuary in some of the oldest cities in the United States." Many of these powerful images come from New Orleans, St. Louis-MO, TX, MS, OK, FL, MI, KS, PA, NC, OH, AL, and TN.

Richard, a traditional painter (oils & acrylics-realistic wild life painting) for over 30 years, born in Germany & raised in south Louisiana, has recently discovered a new painting...and has created an entirely new body of work. He calls his new style of painting -'WHIMSICAL BE-REAL-ISM'.   Painting what he knows and loves most...'birds', Ricard has created the enchanted world of 'U-BIRDZ'.  The whimsical world of YOU...if you were a bird! 

After 20 years spent in south Louisiana, Rick & Tina have now made a new start in the Eureka Springs area of Arkansas. "Our images are, of course, heavily influenced by Louisiana's unique culture, especially our cherished New Orleans. The storms of 2005 will forever be reflected in our art and our writing. As artists, we have grown. Our art will only get better as we echo the spirit and strength of our South. Silent Echoes is committed to TRUTH as revealed through winds of change. It is our pleasure to bring these, our most recent works, to you...enjoy." CONTACT US;

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Rick & Tina 2013

TINA LOUISE                                                                                    RICHARD LORENZ

photographer / author                                                                              artist / painter          

RICHARD (Rick) LORENZ - German born Louisiana artist and creator of 'U-BIRDZ'

"In the realm of all things symbolic...birds and feathers have held a certain fascination for me.  My earliest drawings as a toddler were of birds and flying.  Indeed, I drew every kind of bird imaginable.  I consumed the works of Audubon and other notable ornithologists both past and present.  1998 was memorable with my winning entry in the prestigious Louisiana Duck-Stamp competition.
Birds have always represented a more ethereal realm of freedom and liberation.  Feathers have a long and illustrious history, beginning with the earliest of civilizations.  In Egypt for example, the feather represented the word 'TRUTH'.  Just as Truth can 'set you free', feathers may give flight to the Truth within.
My series - 'U-BIRDZ' - is a whimsical bird's eye view...of the real YOU."
'BE THE were born to be!  YOU already have's your time to fly!

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DIGITAL PAINTING / PRINTMAKING (whimsical be-real-ism)

check out video 'DIGITAL PAINTING'  -  - (copy & paste to your browser)

"Starts with original sketch and traditional acrylic painted background on board/canvas.  Elements are then scanned and manipulated.  The entire image is then 'painted' virtually- (oil- brush) on a digital-canvas (wacom tablet), and produced on real canvas as a first generation original. Originals are produced as the highest quality image possible in the industry today, using archival inks (lasting 100 years and more) and acid free canvas.  This canvas is then highlighted and enhanced with further texture and traditionally painted details by the artist.  The canvas is finished with 2 coats of UV resistant acrylic clear coat for further protection.


So, ‘digital painting’…what’s that?  Digital painting as a legitimate painting medium has been around for years.  Whole galleries and exhibits are now dedicated to work created solely in the digital realm.  I have even seen entire exhibits for artwork created on the ipad!
What about ‘digital painting’?  The time has come…and it is now, digital technology has become refined enough that traditional painters are able to make use of this new digital palette as a new painting medium.  Digital painting uses the latest painting software (not to be confused with photo manipulating software) to translate physical properties of traditional painting into a virtual representation of the painting process.  However, unlike photography, digital painting will NEVER replace traditional oil/acrylic painting!  These traditional painting mediums enjoy a large place next to their more contemporary digital companions.  The ‘digital painting’ category is simply a totally new painting medium.  And, like it or not, it is here to stay.  ‘Digital Painting’ as a category should represent virtual paintings akin to paintings executed with traditional painting mediums.
 ‘Digital painting’ is just that…virtual painting using painting software and ideally, a virtual painting surface such as a digital ‘wacom’ tablet.
So…the next hurdle to wrap your mind around.  If there is no physical painting…where is the original!?  Just as ‘Toy Story’ does not exist until it is ‘projected’ onto a screen or a DVD ‘translates’ those images onto your TV screen, the ‘digital painting’ does not exist in the real world until it is ‘produced’ or printed onto canvas or paper.  Maybe a better example…stone lithographs, etching or block prints.  An etching begins with a brass/copper plate that has been etched, scratched or carved by the artist.  This is the template by which his original creation will be realized.  His/her image does not exist until that plate is inked and paper is pressed onto it. Voila! These multiple images then come into existence as original numbered pieces of art. 

In this way, an entirely new art medium came to be…the rest is history, as they say.
The grey area in my opinion, is ‘what defines digital art’?  That is a huge discussion, one we have not enough ‘digital paper’ here to even attempt.  If you google ‘digital art’,  you will receive more explanations there, than you would get from your teenage son stumbling in at 3:00 a.m.  Its endless!  My suggestion is to narrow the field.  ‘Digital Painting’ is just that…a virtual representation of  an oil/acrylic/watercolor painting created with the digital medium (computers & software), produced or ’realized’ as a first generation original(s) on traditional substrate such as canvas or paper.  Most digital painters I know, have extraordinary abilities and talents in many of the traditional fields of painting and have simply added ‘digital painting’, as a new medium, to their arsenal of tools available to them.
With that being said…‘WELCOME’…to the wonderful world of ‘DIGITAL PAINTING’…a legitimate fine art medium for a new millennium!  I am very sure this is not the last you will hear on this subject…as should be.  I am also confident that this medium will endure (as long as we have computers) and grow exponentially as technology advances.  With this growth will be all of the very real growing pains associated with determining the parameters of a new fine art medium.
Inevitably, art connoisseurs, art collectors, and the general public will be the final judge.  It doesn’t really matter much how we attempt to define it, or what we think.  This is primarily an issue for those who ‘must’ define, judge, or label it. Good art will always prevail!…no matter what the medium.  New collectors of mine seldom ask how it was done or what medium…they are simply in love with the art.  And that my friend…will always be the last word.

                                                                                      …and so it is,
                                                                                                              Richard Lorenz

Richard Lorenz
Check out new video post - ‘Digital Painting’ at:



The 'ART of ANGELS'! Specifically, photos of angel statuary from around the U.S. Discover dozens of angels-one of a kind 2D mixed media original works of art-mixing traditional 35mm photography with wood, paint, and modeling paste. Our original inspirational words are also added as a very important component of our art. Welcome to Silent Echoes...echoes of angels from past, present, and future. It is our pleasure to share our gift with you. It is said that a picture speaks a thousand words...and music is the universal language. If so, art is and always has been about communication. We at Silent Echoes feel our responsibility as artists is to communicate TRUTH..that part in us which reflects the soul in its most brilliant light. There is a message to our art...a message unique to every viewer. This message is the same now as it was then. Our art is relevant and feeds the a time when words are not enough. It has also been said, 'there is nothing new under the sun. Or is there? Although every color and tone visible to the human eye has been seen...our interpretation and arrangement of these is infinite. Thus the need for artists to communicate these original visions to fresh eyes opening for the first time. Again, it is our privilege to communicate what may be difficult to speak. Our mission......'communicate Truth through art.'

"If seeing is believing...then believing is SEEING."
"Wenn sehen ist glauben...dann glauben ist sehen."
"Si videre est credere, ergo credere est videre."
"Si voir croit...alors croit voit."
"Si vemos lo que creemos...creeremos lo que vemos."






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